Saturday, February 22, 2014

Number 1 Hits Puberty :(

Ok, So, I'm not a boy.
Clearly I know nothing about being a boy.
My husband says he will handle boy issues.
Number 1 doesn't like to talk to me about being a boy.
I'm generally OK with that.
This new round of boy craziness is starting to freak me out a bit.
He's 9.
He has his first pimple.
I'm scared to ask what else is going on.
I catch myself staring at his face.
Number 1 asks..
Why are you staring at me mom?
I say it's because it's a mama thing.
Maybe it is.
Maybe I am trying to preserve this image of him for a while.
Or maybe I am trying to search his face to see if he is growing facial hair.
I doubt he is...
But it wont be long.

Here's what I want to know though.
It stinks!

Why didn't anybody tell me puberty can start around 9?
I didn't know this was normal until today.

Dear suck!
You left me high and dry with no information!
I had to find out from the internet!

It's no wonder my kid is acting Crazy..with a capital C!
It's no wonder I feel out of my mind crazy!
When did he go from being tiny and precious to being big and obnoxious?
Don't get me wrong...
I love the dude like crazy.
But, sometimes he drives me up a wall.
He throws the biggest tantrums for whatever reason.
Sometimes no reason at all.
I know this only because when I ask he simply says I don't know.
Wanna talk about throwing me for a loop??
I don't know.
Ya a parent, I wish I could get by with I don't know and it be a good enough answer.
Mom, where do babies come from? I don't know.
Mom, why can't we have ice cream for supper? I don't know.
Mom, (insert nine millionth question of the day)? I don't know.
If only being a mommy was as easy as I don't know.
For those of you who have already gone through this...Congrats!!
For those of you still waiting for this day to come...Good luck!
As for me, Number 1 equals round 1 of this sort of torture.
I still have three more to go.
Thankfully, or maybe not so much, Number 4 is a girl.
BTW...Number 1...IF you ever read this...Just remember that I love you.

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