Monday, April 21, 2014

Math Curriculum

Choosing curriculum for your kiddos is NOT an easy process! I mean, Geez! There are loads of options out there. I have been hunting for a budget friendly curriculum. It also has to be easy to use for the kiddos and us. I started searching for math first. I found something that I think will work for our family. It's affordable, explains why, and seems user friendly. Making Math Meaningful. I don't personally know anyone who has used it. BUT we are willing to be the test subjects for this math course. This way we can report back to our friends who are curious about it. There are sample pages on the website...added plus since some of the choices I found did not have them. It goes to grade 8 with Algebra and Geometry being taught early on. I tried to find a 1-12 program that I thought we would like, but didn't find one...yet. I think I will be ordering it by the end of next week. Once it comes in the mail I will get started on lesson plans for next year. Have you chosen a math curriculum yet? IF so please share it with us :) We would LOVE to hear from you!!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The absent blogger

I have been away for a little bit. Between kiddos, home responsibilities, and disabilities it has all just taken everything I have to get it all done and together. I have been a busy little bee though working around the house to kick start spring cleaning since February. I'm not done. I don't know if it will ever be completely done. Every time I get a room completely cleaned and organized someone goes back in there and destroys it again. Except my laundry room. Which I am proud to say is 95% clean. By the end of the day it will be at 100%...even if it kills me. I have to finish do the laundry (it's never-ending, right?), wipe down appliances, and sweep/mop. Then it will be done :)  I plan to do that this evening. Next will be the kiddos bathroom and then my bathroom. I'm starting with the little rooms because I feel much more accomplished when I can see a room go from a disaster zone to clean in no time at all. I am hoping by May to have the majority of the house in some sort of order. I'm also working a little each day in one of the bigger rooms until I have very little to do in there. I did not realize the amount of junk we have accumulated over the years until we moved here. I have donated around 60 13-gallon trash bags worth of clothing, bedding, and toys. Probably another 6-10 medium sized moving boxes that had shoes, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and home decor. And yet...I'm not done. I will not be finished until everything has a proper place in this house. 

We have a project this weekend to complete. We are going to sand our homemade chalk board and hang it. It has been just sitting there. Looking lonely and being unused. I am beyond ready to get it taken care of so we can write on it...without having to write over the little bumps. 

The big boys and I are taking a working lunch to get caught up on their school work and my research for the next school year. This summer we will be doing some history/geography and science unit studies. I am also trying to get those items together. 

I ordered books from Barnes and Noble last week. They will be here today!!  We have been working on the Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool curriculum. We find it difficult to completely follow the curriculum on the computer. Sooo I have ordered the reading books, since reading takes the majority of our time.

On another note...tomorrow is my oldest sons 10th birthday!!! Happy birthday Bubba!! We love you so much!! 

That's all the time I have for my random thoughts. Work time for this gal!!