Monday, April 21, 2014

Math Curriculum

Choosing curriculum for your kiddos is NOT an easy process! I mean, Geez! There are loads of options out there. I have been hunting for a budget friendly curriculum. It also has to be easy to use for the kiddos and us. I started searching for math first. I found something that I think will work for our family. It's affordable, explains why, and seems user friendly. Making Math Meaningful. I don't personally know anyone who has used it. BUT we are willing to be the test subjects for this math course. This way we can report back to our friends who are curious about it. There are sample pages on the website...added plus since some of the choices I found did not have them. It goes to grade 8 with Algebra and Geometry being taught early on. I tried to find a 1-12 program that I thought we would like, but didn't find one...yet. I think I will be ordering it by the end of next week. Once it comes in the mail I will get started on lesson plans for next year. Have you chosen a math curriculum yet? IF so please share it with us :) We would LOVE to hear from you!!


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