Monday, May 5, 2014

4 months already gone

its been 4 months since i gave birth to my little Mockingbird, and i cant believe it!! my Firebird turned 2 in january and ever since bringing the baby home, he looks so much bigger than before i gave birth to his brother; how is that even possible? Firebird got his first haircut (yes, at 2 years old, i didnt want to cut his beautiful curls off we decided it'd be better for the hot texas summers), and he looks more like a toddler now than before. his hair still curls and its adorable. Mockingbird can roll over to his side and somehow manages to curl up into a ball and roll in circles to move around his playmat, yet cant roll to his tummy yet. also, tummy-time is a nightmare with this child! if hes flat on the floor, forget it, hes done and you better roll him back over before he screams! put a bobby pillow under him, and hes fine for about an hour. my neighbor gave us her sons old bimbo seat since Mockingbird LOVES to sit up and see everything that's going on, from his big brother playing to the disney junior cartoons that are playing constantly on the tv (doc mcstuffians, anyone?) to me getting up and chasing the big brother around. 

Firebird also has a pretty bad hearing loss (runs in my side of the family, usually it hits just the women but Firebird is the first male in 5 generations to get it) and has hearing aids to help him hear, plus we have a speech therapist that comes 4 times a month to work with him. hes been getting better about talking and asking for things he wants. he can say all 5 of his favorite fruits,  3 of his favorite drinks ( milk, juice and water) and when he wants to watch Mighty Morphing Power Rangers (think 90s) he'll say "its time!" (we're still working on 'morphing') when its time for bed, he automatically gets his cup and will call for his stuffed wolf by howling and signing 'wolf'. cutest thing you would ever see! he may not be able to hear most of the world around him, but hes definitely a pretty smart kid.

this is all for now, im going to try to get in a better habit of posting. let us know what you enjoy about our blog so far or even tell us what you'd like to see!!


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