Monday, May 19, 2014

Phone problems

Well...well...well...well... That's all I can say y'all! My youngest son...My sweet, precious, lovable, baby boy...has done it AGAIN! He has ruined another cell phone. In his very short four years on this Earth he has managed to ruin two. very. expensive. cell. phones. What do I get stuck hubby's old busted phone. Thankfully we both had the same kind of phone...and maybe...just maybe...he might be able to fix it by switching the screens. I sure hope so! I was able to get my pics off of the phone even after I had no screen :) The first phone he broke wasn't entirely his fault. The buttons were messed up and he ended up locking the screen. This wasn't completely his fault either. He was trying to bring it to me and it fell into the pool. This phone has no access to the insides unless you dig out the screwdriver and try to pry it apart. There was just no saving it. None. At. All. 
I started to look for a new phone online...and let me just say this much...there is no way....that I will EVER pay more for a phone than I would for a car payment. It's crazy ridiculous! I can't even begin to imagine what phones will cost years from now. You can't even get a cheap Go-Phone least not that I've seen! Hopefully the screen swap will work. It seems to be the only decent solution. I really don't want to buy another phone. 
BTW...I am so frustrated over phones, the fact that my computer mouse isn't working right...when it rains it pours??...and the fact that my house looked like a tornado ran through it that I refuse to even check this post to make sure that it makes sense. I love you all...all four or five of you. I am sure you can forgive me for it :) right??
 Anywho...time to get kiddos to bed :) Have a great night y'all!!
*hugs n love*

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