Monday, November 18, 2013

The Old Daily Routine and Blog Design

Obviously this is a new blog. I've had one before, but never really messed with it. This one, however, seems different. This is a new chapter in our lives and for the first time I feel like I am able to share our journey with the world. Before homeschooling our daily routine was long and difficult. It became very monotonous. Day after day, after day, after day the same BORING routine. 

I don't even know how we did it to be honest. Every day it was like this: get the kiddos ready to go to school (don't even think about the coffee sitting in the pot that you took the time to set up the night before because it's crunch time now!), take them, come home and maybe drink a cup or two, get started on chores and taking care of the little ones needs. By afternoon it was lunch and nap time until time to pick up big kids from school. Get kids from school, help with homework, work on supper, feed kids, bathe them, put them to bed, chores, maybe some alone time if I didn't have a tiny one up with me, then crash by midnight. You know the old "wash, rinse, repeat" instructions. Well that was our life.

Notice that my life revolved around home and kids but no husband time? Well, that poor guy...bless his heart...seemed to feel a bit left out. Once a week or so we would try to spend time together, but it wasn't like we could chat about everything that happened in the week within a couple of hours. Most of our communication was through text messages. These days our lives seem much easier. Our schedule isn't so frustrating anymore. We even have free time to be able to do things together and as a family. 

I didn't know how well my blog would work out. So far not really anybody reading yet...but that's ok too. I'm still in the process of working out the kinks. The other day I was working on it and I really wanted to add a Pinterest widget. I tried over and over again to get it to work. I failed big time on my own. Thankfully though, there are other people out there who blog and build websites to help those of us who are strutggling to figure out all of this designer stuff on our own. Code it Pretty has a very nice tutorial on how to put your Pinterest widget on your blogger blog :) If you have just started on Blogger or have been doing it a while and don't know how to make it pretty I would suggest going to see hwat Marie has posted :) I think I'll spend the afternoon there. 


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